* Bhitarkanika
Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary (BKWS) was created during the year 1975 to preserve the rich biodiversity and the pristine beauty of nature in the Brahmani-Baitarani (Dhamra) deltaic region of coastal Orissa. The core area of the Sanctuary was later designated as Bhitarkanika National Park (BKNP) in 1988. Bhitarkanika has been designated a Ramsar site (Wetland of international importance), the 2nd in the state, in the year 2002.
The area has been proposed to be included in the list of World Heritage Sites. Located in Kendrapara District, the Sanctuary and National Park offer numerous opportunities to celebrate and conserve nature.
 * Simlipal
Similipal is a one of the Wildlife sanctuary covering an area of 2750 Sq.kms from the core area and the rest around it the buffer zone. The altitude at strategic points in the park ranges from 757.5 meters to 964 meters. A vast stretch of lush green forest in Similipal has been selected for one the fifteen Tigers Projects of India. One of the few Tigers reserves of India. Apart from Tigers, it is the home of Leopards, Elephants, Deer, Crocodiles and Reptiles. Over 230 species of birds including the talking myna ands dancing peacocks fill the air with their chirpings. And other animals are Jungle cat, Gaur, Sambar, Sotted Deer, Barking Deer, Four horned Antelop, Sloth Bear, Hyena, Common langurs, Flying Squirrel, Wild Dog so on. Filled with lush green forest covers, especially luxuriant sal trees and vast espanse of grassy meadows, cloud kissing peaks ,the wild beauty is enhanced by the sparkling water falls and unique orchids. There is also facility to enjoy the night in Similipal.

* Devkund
It is an enchanting place with a series of waterfalls and a Sakti shrine. It is surrounded by green forests & hills. the place commands a panoramic view of nature and ideal for the picnickers.

- Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary About 300 of hilly landscape in Balasore district constitutes the Kuldiha forest. It is close to Nilgiri forest towards north and Mayurbhanj forest in northwest. Sukhuapata and Gagua hills separate Kuldiha from Similipal. Through Gadasahi forests on the south west, Kuldiha have a disjointed link with Baula RF of Hadgarh reservoir.
Rising from 169m above sea level, some prominent hills that form the landscape include Asta Pahar (423m) occupying a Central position; Devgiri Pahar (682m) in south; Ranga matia (629m) in north; Kolia Parbat (495m) in east.
Named after the famous Shiva temple of the region, Chandaneswara holds an annual fair in the month of Chaitra that is thronged by devotees from Bengal, Bihar and Odisha alike. Chandaneswra is situated 88km from Balasore. It is situated at distance of 88 km from Balasore and 8 km from the sea beach of Digha.


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